Mac os x line breaks

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What line ending is used on which platforms? Do you have a platform where this is not what you're seeing? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.


You don't need to worry about whether or not collaborators have the same line ending settings that you do. Here's an example.

You can use it as a template for your repositories:. We'll go over some possible settings below. After you've set the core. At this point, Git is eager to change the line endings of every file for you. The best way to automatically configure your repository's line endings is to first backup your files with Git, delete every file in your repository except the. Article version: GitHub. To avoid problems in your diffs, you can configure Git to properly handle line endings. In Mac mode line breaks are converted from Mac to Unix and vice versa.

DOS line breaks are not changed. To run in Mac mode use the command-line option -c mac or use the commands mac2unix or unix2mac. Use always this mode when converting Unicode UTF-8 files. In this mode all 8 bit non-ASCII characters with values from to are converted to a 7 bit space.

Inconsistent Line Endings

DOS characters without ISO equivalent, for which conversion is not possible, are converted to a dot. When only option -iso is used dos2unix will try to determine the active code page. When this is not possible dos2unix will use default code page CP, which is mainly used in the USA. Windows code page CP Western European is also supported with option For other code pages use dos2unix in combination with iconv 1. Iconv can convert between a long list of character encodings.


There exist different Unicode encodings. To see if dos2unix was built with UTF support type dos2unix -V. Use the locale 1 command to find out what the locale character encoding is. When conversion is not possible a conversion error will occur and the file will be skipped. When option -u is used, the output file will be written in the same UTF encoding as the input file.

Option -u prevents conversion to UTF It is assumed that text files are encoded in the locale character encoding. Dos2unix writes by default no BOM in the output file. Use option -r to remove the BOM. Dos2unix has optional support for reading and writing Unicode file names in the Windows Command Prompt.

That means that dos2unix can open files that have characters in the name that are not part of the default system ANSI code page.

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To see if dos2unix for Windows was built with Unicode file name support type dos2unix -V. There are some issues with displaying Unicode file names in a Windows console.

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  • See option -D , --display-enc. The file names may be displayed wrongly in the console, but the files will be written with the correct name. uses cookies.

    GB is a Chinese government standard. A mandatory subset of the GB standard is officially required for all software products sold in China. GB is fully compatible with Unicode, and can be considered an unicode transformation format. Note that this will only work if the locale is supported by the system.

    Stan User’s Guide

    Use command locale -a to get the list of supported locales. Convert and replace a. Convert c. In a Unix shell the find 1 and xargs 1 commands can be used to run dos2unix recursively over all text files in a directory tree. For instance to convert all. The find 1 option -print0 and corresponding xargs 1 option -0 are needed when there are files with spaces or quotes in the name.

    Otherwise these options can be omitted. Another option is to use find 1 with the -exec option:. The primary language is selected with the environment variable LANG. The LANG variable consists out of several parts. The first part is in small letters the language code. The second is optional and is the country code in capital letters, preceded with an underscore. There is also an optional third part: character encoding, preceded with a dot.

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