Repair disk mac not working

1. Try Safe Mode

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Application files are corrupted. A user account profile is corrupted. Resolution To resolve this issue, follow these steps. Select an application in the "Force Quit Applications" window. Note You cannot quit Finder. Warning When an application is force quit, any unsaved changes to open documents are not saved. Note For help moving your user files to the new account, contact Apple. Note The Disk Utility program only repairs software that is installed by Apple. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Send feedback about This product This page.

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. This page. Submit feedback. There are no open issues. Fortunately a power supply or AC adapter is relatively inexpensive to replace. Laptops have an additional power supply in the battery. A dead or defective battery can prevent your MacBook or PowerBook from booting, or the battery may keep your system running after a crash, unable to reboot.

For laptops that have removable batteries a dying Apple breed remove the battery and unplug the computer when troubleshooting.

Boot from your emergency drive

Sometimes plugging in the computer and letting it sit for minutes recharges the battery enough to permit booting. Listening to your computer may seem a bit metaphysical, but can provide helpful clues to startup problems. Sometimes a Mac will power on but the hard drive will squeal, whine very loudly or make ticking sounds. This can indicate a failed or failing hard drive.

Leaving a failing drive struggling too long can cause further damage. If you have a very old Mac with a non-spinning hard drive, more drastic measures may be required. A groaning or buzzing sound that revs up and down at low RPM and sounds like a wounded animal could be a fan undergoing a slow death. These components are inexpensive to replace. This may be the logic board, bad RAM, the power manager, a video card, etc..

Bad RAM can be a common culprit — on newer Macs, a blinking sequence of lights at startup can indicate this condition. Repeat for each DIMM in succession until you find the culprit. Once the screen turns grey the hardware tests are complete, and the Mac looks for a boot volume. Software now dominates the startup process.

This can indicate a corrupt installation of Mac OS X or a failed or failing hard drive.

How to Repair Your Mac's Disk Using Safe Mode, fsck, and More

Once the spinning gear appears the BSD kernel Darwin has assumed command and begins loading device drivers. Such are the workings of UNIX.

How to restore MacBook pro

What this means for us mortals is that when a Mac stalls at the Apple logo or the logo with a spinning gear, it probably has a corrupt Mac OS X installation. It may also be having trouble accessing an internal or external hardware component, but this is less-likely.

  • Boot into Safe Mode.
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  • Way 1: Repair Disk Errors with Disk Utility in Mac Recovery Mode.
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DiskWarrior is also worth a shot this is by far my most used disk utility. A hang at a blue screen, at the login window, or at the image of your blank desktop often indicates a Problem with a User Account. Corrupt Fonts or bad Preference Files. Setting up a second, emergency admin account on your Mac is helpful for troubleshooting account problems.

Disk Utility Can't Repair This Disk on Mac? Solve It Now!

Safe Boot may help too, as that bypasses non-essential fonts and user startup items which you can then remove from your User Library folder. Presented in your native language, or something close. Mac crashes can take on all sorts of appearances — the Spinning Beach Ball being perhaps the most familiar — but Apple has succeeded in scaring the bejesus out of many users with this dialog.

It is accompanied by the screen slowly darkening from top to bottom before a multilingual warning appears:. A kernel panic can happen at virtually any point in the boot process and may indicate a corrupt OS, an incompatible kernel extension, or a hardware problem. Try a Safe Boot to disable non-Apple extensions. Intel Macs can also boot from a USB flash drive which contains a bootable disk image, this can be very handy in an emergency. You can also use a clone of your Mac hard drive to boot a cantankerous system.

This not only allows you to check, fix or copy data off the primary boot drive but continue working immediately when you have disk problems. Kacey — sounds like you have a bad hard drive. To follow up, just heard from the repair shop. The cable is bad. Logic board is fine. Thanks for your guidance. You also may have a hairline fracture on the logic board or loose connector on cable.

No problems until Sunday morning. I was able to log in and clicked on Mail icon. It froze. I did a force quit. Same thing happened when I launched Safari. I was in for about a minute and then it froze.

enter I let the logo and spin gear go for about 3 hours and nothing. I tried booting from the install DVD and no luck either. Took it to a third party repair store and he was able to mount my old drive externally and I was able to get in. He said either the cable from the HDD to the logic board was bad or the logic board was bad. Does this sound accurate? If the logic board truly was bad, would I be able to do anything whether the drive was mounted interal or externally?

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