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Then press Command-Q to quit it and wait for the system to accept that command and close the application which may take another few minutes. Repeat this with other applications until the slowness clears itself, and then go buy more RAM, limit the number of applications you open, or limit the number and size of the documents you open with those applications. If a hang will not clear even after waiting and quitting applications, or if the system has frozen or is in a kernel panic, then performing a hard reset may be your only option. There are two ways to perform a hard reset.

The first is to press and hold the power button for the system for about seconds. The second method is to unplug the power sources for the computer which can include batteries for laptop systems with removable ones. In rare cases the system may not shut down when you press and hold the power button, which indicates that the system management controller SMC has likely hung or crashed along with the OS.

In this case you will need to unplug the power from the system to shut it down. When the system is hard-reset, the system management controller will capture and save a shutdown state code that will indicate the source of the power loss. This will be be read by the kernel the next time the system is powered up, and will be recorded in the system logs in a manner similar to the following in this case the shutdown code was "5" :. Jan 13 localhost DirectoryService[35]: Improper shutdown detected Jan 13 localhost kernel: systemShutdown false Jan 13 localhost kernel: Previous Shutdown cause: 5.

Jan 13 Tophers-Desktop com. After a hard reset, the system will not perform any automatic diagnostics such as checking the file system for inconsistencies, so you might consider taking the initiative to perform these checks yourself the next time you turn on the system. One easy way to do this is to immediately boot into Safe Mode by holding the Shift key during the next start-up, which will run a drive verification and repair in addition to other maintenance tasks.

When the system finally boots, log in and run Disk Utility's drive verification to check the hard drive for errors an additional time, and if there are no problems, then restart normally. While you should always be cautious about performing hard resets, you should be especially cautious about performing one when the hard drive is working. Or sometimes when I am traveling the battery drains really quickly. About the only thing I would want my mac to do in power nap is index.

I can live without that though. This seems to conflate display sleep just turning off the display with Mac system sleep, which are different things.

How to Force Quit Any App on Mac (2018)

Power Nap is interesting since it will happen during system sleep which is like when a notebook Mac closes its lid. With my Mac Pro and OS Some operations were slowed. An improvement with Mojave over El Capitan. The rest of the night, it usually wakes up about every 70 minutes or so for about 45 seconds, then goes back to sleep, which activates all my external drives and makes too much noise, interrupting my own Sleep. Just chill and power off. Ah, quiet and calm. I Never heard of Power Nap before. I was happy to find out that both my computers are using Power Nap.

Your article is clear and thorough. Thank You very much. So, sleep adds life to the computer. I cannot understand how anybody can possibly leave their modern Mac running for months… Unless you are either not using it or you are running an older OS.

How to Force Reboot a Frozen Mac

Ever since I switched to Great article! It answers a lot of important questions. Mac should include a manual that answers questions like these with every computer they sell. Thanks for posting this. Nevertheless I will continue to power my various portables and iMacs down rather than let them sleep, for the following reasons: 1 at this point in time, any reduction in energy use should be encouraged and applauded.

Shutdown Stall - EVERY shutdown - STILL in 10.14.6

Nothing is trivial with 7. I checked, I do not have the Power Nap. I have always let my Mac sleep. I only shut down a couple times a week for a re-start. What suggestions do you have for me? This is true and has been my practice for years. However, it is a good idea to shut down and then restart your Mac about every 3 weeks to clean out memory cache s and reset other little things.

I always leave mine in sleep mode at night so a backup can run without impacting daytime usage. What about attached drives during sleep. Jorbanead macrumors regular. Aug 31, I love it how you didn't answer my question at all and instead went into immediate defensive posturing. Do you work for Apple? Why should it matter to you that I want to shut my computer down? Good for you that you don't shut yours down? I would greatly appreciate knowing if this is considered "normal" or not.

It might also help put my OCD to rest a little. Sorry for wanting a "perfect" Mac. I have owned literally dozens upon dozens of them over the past 25 years and this is the first time seeing this.

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Reactions: ilifecomputer and Dezlboy. Jorbanead said:.

I think they genuinely are asking to try and troubleshoot the issue and see where the problems are. Hope you can figure it out! Fishrrman macrumors P6.

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Feb 20, 17, 5, I'm using a Mini, not a Mini. I shut down every night, and during long "day breaks" as well. I'll have to try it running from my Mojave "test drive". Just wondering I've noticed this myself in some situations - Or Might be "in the OS", rather than "in the hardware". But of course, Mojave is the only OS that runs on the new Mini Reactions: anaudiopro.

How to Schedule a Mac's Startup and Shutdown Times | Tom's Guide Forum

Fishrrman said:. Nov 9, 1, Honolulu HI. I have this on my Mini with Mojave. So as the OP has also realized, this is not an issue specific to the Mini. There's a post in the Apple discussions group where somebody called Apple and they said it's nothing to worry about. One can also do the same to confirm that. I don't notice a problem with this but I typically shut down the computer remotely every night and then some time later, I'll go and turn off the power strip it's connected to this computer records off-the-air broadcasts. It's always off by the time I go to turn off the power strip.

Thank you for confirming this! It seems to be Hopefully The "shutdown stall" is not a new issue with Mojave. I found reports about that from at least 4 years ago, reported from OS X But, usually I do not notice any kind of actual delay in the shutdown.

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The result may be some delay, but counted in seconds, which might simply be within normal software variances on any Mac. I also don't think there is something that you can deduce, simply because a shutdown stall log is generated. This Apple support article gets mentioned occasionally - the bottom few steps may be relevant for you - and can be worth trying in any case.

how to shutdown mac mini How to shutdown mac mini
how to shutdown mac mini How to shutdown mac mini
how to shutdown mac mini How to shutdown mac mini
how to shutdown mac mini How to shutdown mac mini
how to shutdown mac mini How to shutdown mac mini
how to shutdown mac mini How to shutdown mac mini

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