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Building a Connected Android-based Bus Stop Display
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That said, if you really want to do this, I have successfully compiled Linux kernel code using the procedure below. Before you can even start, you may need to install the Linux source tree on a case-sensitive filesystem on your Mac. I won't cover that here, but a lot of people do this to compile the Android source tree, so you can use Google to find instructions.

Finally, you'll need to worry about whether or not the compiler installed on your system is suitable for building the Linux kernel. I have used this procedure for kernels compiled for Android, using an appropriate cross-compiler toolchain, but I'm not sure if you can successfully compile a Linux kernel with the default gcc compiler on OS X assuming you have the one that comes with Xcode EDIT : You may also want to follow the steps pointed out in the bug linked in the comment above from "nmagerko", to ensure you have the correct dependencies, and the GNU version of sed. In particular:. Just don't do it.

You're going to have so much trouble getting anything to build correctly, it's just not worth it. Use a virtual machine, as you said yourself. It's a little slower, but not all that much, and at least building will work correctly. Here is an update for Android 6.

I have done several successful cross builds using this method. I used brew's libelf to get a nice package managed elf library. That should be enough to get the build to complete. If anyone needs further information on this, I have a post that covers a full Android kernel build on OSX.

Compiling AOSP for your Nexus device on Mac OSX

I've made symlinks to the missing OSX headers from the linux host ones and apparently it worked out well! In my setup I have sync'd the whole AOSP repo , which includes all prebuilts , but the ones that I am actually using to built the kernel are:. This assumes the rest of the android build is set up as usual and the kernel directory is in the android build.

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What Is a Kernel?

I download an elf. Korem 6, 5 5 gold badges 38 38 silver badges 61 61 bronze badges. Alfred Zhong Alfred Zhong 2, 8 8 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. This should help: code. Can you post the exact error you're getting? NO ELF doesn't provide a lot of context. When do you see that and what happened before that? Mike, I agree, that is the exact error, after I copy a elf. I don't know how to make it more informative. It happens pretty early. Also, why did you copy elf. I'd copy it from your VM where compiling that kernel is known to work.

Some requirements for the build environment are determined by the version of the source code that you plan to compile. For a full list of available branches, see Build Numbers. You can also choose to download and build the latest source code called master , in which case you simply omit the branch specification when you initialize the repository. After selecting a branch, follow the appropriate instructions below to set up your build environment. These instructions apply to all branches, including master. Most other distributions should have the required build tools available. For Gingerbread 2.

Older versions can be compiled on bit systems.

Compile Kernel using AOSP's prebuilts

You may use Ubuntu Version Building on Ubuntu Install a community-maintained default set of udev rules for all Android devices by following the instructions to Set up a device for development. On some machines with multiple storage devices, builds are faster when storing the source files and the output on separate volumes. For additional performance, the output can be stored on a file system optimized for speed instead of crash robustness, because all files can be regenerated if the file system is corrupted.

The output directory for each separate source tree is named after the directory holding the source tree. Avoid having multiple source trees stored in directories that have the same name, as the source trees would end up sharing an output directory, with unpredictable results. This is only supported on Jelly Bean 4.

[GUIDE] Building Android Kernel on OSX | Android Development and Hacking

In a default installation, macOS runs on a case-preserving but case-insensitive file system. This type of file system isn't supported by Git and causes some Git commands such as git status to behave abnormally. Because of this, we recommend that you always work with the AOSP source files on a case-sensitive file system.

This can be done fairly easily using a disk image, discussed below. When the proper file system is available, building the master branch in a modern macOS environment is straightforward. Earlier branches require some additional tools and SDKs. You can create a case-sensitive file system within your existing macOS environment using a disk image.

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  • Building a Connected Android-based Bus Stop Display.
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compile android kernel mac os x Compile android kernel mac os x
compile android kernel mac os x Compile android kernel mac os x
compile android kernel mac os x Compile android kernel mac os x
compile android kernel mac os x Compile android kernel mac os x
compile android kernel mac os x Compile android kernel mac os x
compile android kernel mac os x Compile android kernel mac os x

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