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Este programa, si es que se puede llamar asi, es malisimo para lo unico que sirve es para que te entren mas viru s en tu ordenador. Esta cosa es spam y malware, tengan mucho cuidado, recomiendo no instalar. Horrible, virus por doquier.

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No descarguen Mackeeper. Es virus y no te deja borrarlo. Pros: Nada. Cons: Te llena de publicidad el navegador. No limpia, solo instala virus. Produce AdWare. Ralentiza tu Mac. If your browser keeps redirecting you to search. You may follow instructions below to uninstall the browser hijacker and remove Yahoo Search from your browser. To get rid of Yahoo Search quickly and easily you may run a scan with Combo Cleaner ; it is a great antivirus and system cleaner that may be able to remove Yahoo Search from your Mac.

This is all not true in my case.

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When using Google search on my Safari Browser I will get redirected to yahoo. There is no app on my Mac nor extension or anything else visible to me. I am having the same issue! If you ever get this fixed or find out a way to fix this please let me know! If your Mac is up to date you should be able to see an extra search button next to the search tool bar. Click it and you can choose the directing browser you want. Remove Yahoo from that list. I too have this problem. I have spent hours trying to find Yahoo installed somewhere, but it is not in Extensions, Applications or anywhere visible.


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Google is the homepage and search engine preference in Safari, it starts off in the window saying Google search and then comes up with Yahoo. I have to go to the google website each time to search. I too dislike Yahoo hugely because of this. I too have the problem, again yahoo not showing anywhere.

I just search google in yahoo go into google and continue my search but so annoying. How on earth do we get rid of this — Google or Apple should be advising all of us on this — it must be an indictable offence! All the advice just drifts around the basic controls of preferences and has no effect — help, someone, help!

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I always hated Yahoo, now more than ever. Exactly the same with me! So pissed. Has anyone called Apple by chance? I will first thing in the morning. Hope this helps. Same issue — and I have no extensions listed. I have erased anything and everything that even looks like Yahoo. I hate them now more than ever.

Wish it was as easy as Jeremy listed, but No, so if anyone figures out what is going on — let me know. I have tried everything noted here and nothing has worked. There are no extensions in the extension tab for me to delete and I have delete weird apps on my Mac but I get nothing. Any other suggestions? Two files came up. Well I moved those two files to the trash and now I have Google back!!!!!! Thank you thank you!! Still does not work and I have now punched a hole through my wall.

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This aint it chief. Apple pls help. I have no extensions; none. I wonder about why I have no extensions. But really hating yahoo! That did the trick…no more Yahoo! From the spotlight search results window, I did a command-delete on the yahoo app to move it to the trash, then emptied the trash and restarted my computer.

All seems well at this point. I have no extension, no unfamiliar apps, but still it is redirecting to Yahoo! Getting mad on this! I had this problem as well. No extensions.

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This keeps happening to me to the point that I reset my computer to factory setting. But after awhile, the dreaded Yahoo search engine took over again. And miraculously I got my Google Search Engine back. Hope this may help someone. Is Apple tech support ever helpful? Download malwarebytes. Worked first time! Hi, This problem has came from an Adobos flash player version that is installed unwillingly. I had google as a search then yahoo appeared , I followed the instructions and deleted an extension which was downloaded at 5.

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Now got my google search back Thanks. I found ArtemisSearch running in the process list. Te lo descargas y luego para realizar las diferentes acciones tienes que pagar y no es preci samente barato. El mejor con diferencia. Limpia todo lo innecesario y no es intrusivo. Pros: Todo. Cons: Que es de pago. Perfecto para Montain Lion. Con Montain Lion es perfecto. Lo he usado casi a diario y siempre encontraba basura.

Deja la papelera impoluta y limpia el sistema y las aplicaciones, controla los programas que se abren al iniciar,desinstala aplicaciones Pros: NADA.

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