Mac frozen on opening screen

Part II: How to recover data from the stuck Mac computer?

It could be a hardware issue. If you hear the internal fan running fairly often, the constant freeze-ups could simply be a symptom of your system overheating. The iMac and iMac Pro both have vents on the bottom edge and back. There could also be accumulated dust in the vents, which you can easily remove, using a h andheld vacuum cleaner. Newer iMacs have something called Apple Diagnostics. On older iMacs, the tool is called Apple Hardware Test.

How to Restart a Stuck iMac |

Select your startup disk and Erase. Stephanie Faris is a novelist and business writer whose work has appeared on numerous small business blogs, including Zappos, GoDaddy, 99Designs, and the Intuit Small Business Blog. She worked for the State of Tennessee for 19 years, the latter six of which were spent as a supervisor. She has written about business for entrepreneurs and marketing firms since Skip to main content. Faris, Stephanie. How to Restart a Stuck iMac. Small Business - Chron.

Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Viewed 32k times. I used Disk Utility in recovery mode to repair the startup disk, but no problems were found.

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Elliott Elliott 1, 3 3 gold badges 15 15 silver badges 41 41 bronze badges. One troubleshooting step I'd recommend is trying to use an external keyboard and mouse, especially since Safe Mode didn't help. If possible, test with both USB keyboard and mouse and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Same problem with USB keyboard and mouse. In fact, the red light on the mouse turns on when I boot, but then turns off at the login screen, as if it were not even plugged in.

EDIT: found justinsilver. The boot time after resetting a machines SMC can be a bit longer than usual, that is normal. Bryan Scott Bryan Scott 1, 4 4 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Good answer, unfortunately the SMC reset didn't work. I also tried reinstalling Sierra from recovery mode and the problem persists.

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I doubt it's a hardware issue because the keyboard and mouse work fine in recovery mode. All my remote and ssh is disabled. It may be to do with your Login Password. Wait a few minutes until it enters recovery mode. Click utilities and select terminal. Type resetpassword and press enter. Close the terminal window and behind that you will find the Reset Password Utility.

Select User account and enter a new password or leave blank and click save. For instance, sound levels are set to the default, the internal speakers are set as the source of audio output, and the display options and brightness reset.

How to Fix Frozen Mac

If it comes on normally, reattach your peripherals one at a time, restarting the Mac after each, to verify that none of them caused the original gray screen issue. Remove all but the minimum amount of RAM from your Mac. If it does, then one or more pieces of RAM have failed, and you'll need to replace it. However, you should be able to continue working with your Mac until you get the replacement RAM. Unfortunately, we're getting to the point where the troubleshooting steps will likely cause you to lose some, if not all, of the data on your startup drive.

So, before we go there, be sure to try this RAM fix first.

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  • Repair the startup drive by booting to external media, like an install disk. This verifies if the startup drive is having problems. Start from the Recovery HD :. If at this point you successfully started your Mac but the repair process didn't work, the startup drive may need to be replaced, which involves reinstalling the entire operating system.

    If you can't repair your startup drive using Disk Utility, try a third-party drive utility. If you do repair the startup drive, it may need to be replaced in the near future. Boot into single-user mode to repair the startup drive. One of the less well-known special startup modes that a Mac can operate in is known as single-user.

    Why my Mac stuck on white screen?

    This special startup mode boots the Mac to a screen that displays information about the startup process. The display looks like an old-fashioned terminal from the days of mainframes and time-share computing systems, but it's more akin to the startup sequence in many Unix and Linux operating systems. In fact, many of the same commands are available from the prompt. When in single-user mode, the Mac doesn't automatically load the GUI, including the Desktop; instead, it stops the boot process after launching the basic OS kernel. Remove or replace the startup drive, or take your Mac to an authorized service center, such as the Genius Bar at an Apple store. If you are unable to start your Mac with any of the methods listed above, you may have a damaged startup drive or another internal component that's preventing your Mac from booting. Share Pin Email.

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